Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I want to MOVE!

So, a part of me really wants to move. Mostly I want to move back to the provo/orem area in Utah, but since I am currently jobless, that will be a little difficult. I am currently looking for a job. I'm thinking that if I am lucky and I find a good job soon out here in Oklahoma, then I'll save up some money and then by March-June of next year I'll move to provo/orem if I still feel like I have a desire to move. I'm pretty sure that I will still have a desire to move. I'll be 25 next March and I really want to be living on my own by then. Plus my brother Josh and his wife Adele are expecting their first child next spring and I would like to be out there in Utah to spoil and love the child. Oh, and play with the child of course.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Life can be Crazy

I've moved back home to my parents home in Oklahoma in December and then a week later we move to a new house and then a couple of days later we drive to California for my brother's wedding and then we got back in the beginning of January and I started to look for a job. Then one day I was being stupid and climbed over the couch and fell. So that put a couple days where I couldn't look for a job. Then we got a ice storm and we couldn't go anywhere. It's just starting to melt and we're suppose to get another storm this weekend. I really need to find a job but with the roads so bad and my dad taking the car to work, it's a little difficult. At least I've been able to help around the house. I've washed dishes everyday this week so far and that is a big thing. Especially since our dishwasher doesn't work and I'm not really one who likes to wash dishes. It helps that we have a portable DVD player so I can watch movies while I clean. That's the only thing that helps me. It was so great going to California for my brother's wedding. I've moved around so much since I graduated high school I started to feel like I wasn't from California anymore and I am proud to say that I definitely feel like I am from California. It was nice to have that reminder.