Saturday, August 7, 2010

Current Projects!

I finally finished Josh & Adele's blanket back in the beginning of July. Here is a a pic of the finished project. Since the last time that I blogged I have finished Jen & Kevin's blanket like this one and I made one for Nicole and Jared. Of course Josh & Adele won't be able to get their blanket until Christmas or when I next see them. Sorry guys ;) It's a good thing that it is summer time!
I have also made three baby blankets. I made a pink and cream one for Dr. Campbell's new granddaughter. I made a light blue and cream one just because I wanted something to do. Then I made a dark green and cream one that I gave to Nelda for her new grandson. I started another one that is a denim blue color and a brownish/green color.

Here is the second baby blanket that I made. When I started this blanket I just felt like making another baby blanket but I didn't know who I wanted to give it to. After I made the dark green one I found out that Justin & Alicia are expecting their first baby. So I might give this blanket to them unless they end up having a girl. Then in that case I will have to make a new one. Which I have plenty of time to make. I am putting that last baby blanket on hold until I make the t-shirt quilt for Leah.
Which brings me to my current project. I am making a t-shirt quilt for Leah's Baptism/Birthday this year. So, Jen, Leah may not see this blog ;) This is an idea of what it will look like. Only the green will be darker. I just got the fabric for the yellow & green strips. I went to Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon for both. My mom and I went this morning for interfacing for the back of the t-shirt squares.

We got the interfacing and yellow broadcloth for the quilt. We used a 40% off coupon for both. After we had been home for a few hours, I decided that I wanted to go back for the dark green fabric. When I went back to Hobby Lobby with another 40% off coupon, the girl at the cash register tried to tell me that I couldn't use the coupon on a sale item. I had to point out to her that it wasn't on sale, that $1.99 was the original price. Luckily she didn't argue with me. So I can now work on the blanket some more. I have the interfacing ironed on to the back of the t-shirt squares. I now need to cut out the strips of yellow and green. Then I can sew the blocks together. The reason the border is blank is because I don't know what fabric that I am going to use. I was thinking about using some Disney fabric for the border. I figured that after I sew all the t-shirts together I would take it with me to the fabric store and see which fabric would look best with it.


Jen said...

Fabulous! Glad to see a new blog. It has been awhile. ;D

Kev and I love our crocheted blanket. It is not currently on our bed but will be come the Fall.

Leah's blanket is looking great. You didn't want more shirts did you? I just went thru her drawers again and found some more shirts. Let me know.

You're awesome always thinking of others and what you can do for them.

I want to see you try one of the crocheted flower blankets if Justin & Alicia have a girl....PLEASE!!


The Gilberts said...

I love all of your crafty projects you have made for me so far. :D And I LOVED my birthday card. I didn't even know you had a blog so I am going to add you to my list. I found you on Josh and Adele's list of people who commented on their most recent post. :D